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"Honor, Loyalty,
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Welcome to our "Crummy" News Page


The hotel that we contracted with for the Supreme Convention in New Orleans, LA is full.
THERE ARE NO ROOMS LEFT.  However the good news is that we have gotten another hotel that is directly across the street from the Cootie hotel.  If you need to make reservations please contact the following individual:

Lakyia Lewis
If she does not answer the phone please leave a message with your name, phone number and the dates that you need a room.  She will contact you.


VFW National Home for Children

December 5, 2016
For Immediate Release

EATON RAPIDS, Mich. - The Military Order of the Cootie are the newest home sponsors at the VFW National Home for Children. They will sponsor the MOC/MOCA House, a 1,933 square-foot home constructed in 1935, with 3 bedrooms, one full bath, and two half baths.

The Military Order of the Cootie is a subsidiary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Established in 1920, the organization is based on the principle of good humor and fun.

Building sponsorship represents a strong commitment to the National Home, and it is critical to our ability to serve struggling families. Home sponsors provide for a home’s annual costs, including utilities, lawn care and trash removal, as well as home maintenance and repairs. The National Home is grateful to leadership and members of The Military Order of the Cootie and for their commitment to sustaining this house.

To view a slideshow and pictures of the dedication, click HERE!


Listen Cooties,

I just found out about this form.  You can get a copy off our website or go to IRS.GOV and in the search bar type in 8822B.  This form allows you to notify the IRS that the CCDB of a pup tent or the Grand Quartermaster at the Grand has changed.  Please use this form:  Click Here to view!  It allows the Grand or pup tent to effectively make the change.

Gary Dressel
Supreme Quartermaster