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Welcome to the MOC Auxiliary

Supreme President’s Monthly Update

April 2019

Auxiliary Members,                             

To our members who have been devastated by the flooding in the Midwest, please know each of you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Audit:  The audit for January, February and March are to be done this month.  Auxiliaries in a Grand, are required to send a copy of the audit to the Grand Treasurer.  Auxiliaries not in a Grand, are to send a copy of the audit to the Supreme Treasurer, Penney Howard.

Chaplain Reports:  There are Auxiliaries and Grands who have not reported to our Supreme Chaplain.  Please send reports to Debora Thie, 13622 Serena Dr, Largo FL. 33774.  Again, please send your reports!  Deb just stated she will need all deceased member’s names to be placed in the Supreme Memorial booklet by May 30th. I want all our members who have passed to be honored at our Memorial Service.

Clowns:  It seems we have not had the number of clowns reported. Please send all clown visits and report to our Supreme Mama Clown Phyllis Kelly, 1904 S. Belmont Street, Springfield, OH 45505.

Grand Conventions:  I know all Grands are in the final stages of planning your Grand Convention.  I have sent each Grand the name of the Supreme Representative who has been assigned to visit your Grand. Please contact those Representatives.  If your Grand has not received the information as to who is being sent, please refer to my March President’s Message.

Supreme Program Donations:  Please refer to the 2018-2019 Program book, for the necessary form.  Please earmark your check:  Supreme Program Donations.  Send the completed form and check to our Supreme Treasurer Penney Howard, PO Box 34, Flora Vista, NM  87415-0034.

Election and Installation of Auxiliary Officers & Chairmen:  Auxiliary elections should be finalized and installations done.  Please contact me if you need an extension.  Reminder:  An Installing Officer has to have held the office of President of the Auxiliary or a higher office to be invited to install the officers.

Supreme Convention:  Please make plans to attend the Supreme Convention in Orlando FL.  All information in regard to the Convention can be found on the website:   

Supreme MOCA Convention Book:  Please send your ad for our Convention book to Supreme Treasurer Penney Howard, along with your Booster sheet.  Ear-mark the check:  Supreme MOCA Convention.

Membership:  We are struggling in membership.  Please reach out to those members who have not paid their dues.  Please contact VFWA members and extend an invitation to join the MOCA.  Each member we retain and each new member we add will be an additional smile & helping hand to our Veterans who need us.

To those who are ill we extend our best wishes for a Speedy recovery.  To those who have lost loved ones we extend our deepest sympathies.


Patricia A Potter
Supreme President

“Veterans Are The Stars”