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Welcome to the MOC Auxiliary

Supreme President’s Monthly Update

September 2023

Brothers and Sisters,

September is here already. Thoughts and prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Idalia.

There are a few reminders that we need to remember. Have the Grand Secretary send your General Orders, a list of events to all the Supreme Line Officers and your Representative Request to me. If some Convention details are not available, it can be amended. But all Reps need to make arrangements ahead of time.

The Treasurer’s report was due at the end of August. When inspected, ensure there is a hard copy of the Treasurer’s Ledger along with the secretary’s minutes, copy of the new bond (This is the year all Bonds had to be renewed), audits, three (3) months of bank statements, CD statements, EIN Number, a copy of the last 990N e-postcard, and a receipt from the IRS accepting the e-postcard are available for the inspectors.
Inspectors will sign and date all documents. Remember if a motion was made involving money, ensure the dollars voted upon were sent out.

Membership: Members, we need to grow this organization. Look around you at the eligible members within the VFW Auxiliary. At the end of the 2022-2023 membership year, the VFW Auxiliary ended the year with 466,999 members. That is a large pool to recruit new members from. Reach out to them, ask them to join us. Don’t forget that we also need to retain our current members. Every Auxiliary needs to reach 100%+ in membership this year. While recruiting, just remember to recruit “JUST ONE MORE”. We can do this.

Membership Ideas:

  1. Have a program for membership, not a campaign. Retention is a year-round priority, and you need a plan how to retain your current members. To be successful at retention, you need to identify specific steps to increase the retention rate. Identify resources you can use to help implement the program. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 
  1. Encourage the use of the MOCA emblem, promote our organization. The emblem is an effective membership and marketing tool. USE IT!

Chaplains: Please send in your monthly reports to your Grand Chaplains. For Auxiliaries not in a Grand, please send reports to the Supreme Chaplain Dawn Van
Tassel. It is very important for us to send cards out to our members and their families.

Hospital Chairmen: Please send your reports to your Grand Chairman. Grand Chairman, please compile the reports and send to the District Hospital Commissioner. For Auxiliaries not in a Grand, please send your reports to your District Hospital Commissioner.

Supreme Special Projects: These are Joint with the MOC. All details are in the Supreme President’s Book. Please take the time to review and donate to help.


Tomb Trek is just around the corner. Don’t forget to get your order in for your Grand / Auxiliary wreath to be laid at the “Cross of the Argonne” in Arlington Cemetery. Did you know that you can also order a wreath to be laid in the memory of a loved one.

Order form is located at  

Tomb Trek - 3-5 November 2023.
Hotel Info: Sheration Pentagon City Hotel 900 South Orme Street Arlington, Virginia 22204

Wreath Order / Banquet Form:

Cooties Spread Christmas Cheer at the National Home - VFW National Home

National Home Cootie Christmas - 2 December review under Cootie Christmas

Please check out the website for all information on these and other events and plan on joining us.  So, let’s “Put our Boots on the Ground for Our Veterans in Beds of White”.



Billie Cassidy
Supreme President


Did you know that there are 31,536,000 minutes in one year. Make them all Count.

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