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Deborah Halter

U. S. Department of Veterans Affair’s Veteran Crisis Line.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The phone number is:

1-800-273-8255 Option 1

The service also offers confidential chat for veterans and their family members in need at:




Welcome all VFW Chaplains

What is a Chaplain?

Chaplains are our nation's comrade veterans who minister to our nation's sons and daughters, and their families. Like any chaplain or minister, they must provide a dynamic and genuine ministry with a shepherd's heart.  Whether leading worship, visiting a hospital, conducting a final farewell to our comrades, or even answering a phone call just to talk, Chaplains are always at the frontline of our veterans' lives.

Chaplains serve both God and country by bringing their unique gifts with which they are endowed by God, to the veterans of our nation in the broad, challenging, diverse, and ever changing environment.

Courtesy of Reverend Tom Darling (Past VFW National Chaplain)

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VFW Chaplain Report Form

(Note: State Chaplains can request an Excel spreadsheet for their state listing the data for those who have reported online).



1.  In a non-sectarian manner, you should be prepared to listen to your fellow comrades/sisters and provide aid and spiritual comfort in times of stress, sickness, or bereavement.
2. Work with your Service Officer to aid members and their families in time of need.
3. Your Post Commander or Officers may come to you in confidence. Remember the privileged communication you are having is for your ears only. Uphold the high ideals of the organization in any advice you offer. Remember it is a privilege – respect it.
4. You should be prepared to offer the ritual prayers at each meeting of the Post. You will also be called upon to offer appropriate prayers at the initiation of new members; installation of officers; the dedication of a building, monument or colors; or at the memorial service of a comrade.
Note: All such services are commemorated by use of the VFW or Ladies Auxiliary ritual.
5. Being a member of the Post’s Memorial Team will provide an opportunity for contact with the grieving family and thus provides a caring ministry to them. The Memorial Team is an important part of the honors offered to a veteran.
6. Use the persuasion of your office to promote harmony and unity in the Post/District/State. 

Additional Duties & Responsibilities

  •  A person of moral and intellectual qualities
  •  A member of the Executive Committee
  •  Your Post’s official representative at Religious and Civic affairs in the great community
  •  A pastoral caregiver
  •  Conduct and/or participate in Memorial, and Funeral Services when called upon
  •  Send cards to sick and bereaved
  •  Visit sick, bereaved and hospitalized
  •  Participation in Parades, 9/11 Memorial Services, Veterans Day Programs/Services, and POW/MIA Services
  •  Presenting Memorial Bibles to deceased members’ Family
  •  Generate respect for the office of Chaplain

VFW Chaplain's Handbook updated March 2023

by Reverend Peter R. Hook, Chaplain, Department of Pennsylvania

A Prayer to Start the Day
by Reverend Peter R. Hook, Chaplain, Department of Pennsylvania


by Reverend Peter R. Hook, Chaplain, Department of Pennsylvania

Healing Prayer Jewish Tradition
When in a Hospital Room
When in Pain
Before Surgery
For Healing
You are Never Alone

Defense Suicide Prevention Office

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