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Supreme President’s Monthly Update

Supreme Presidents Message
#9 July 2017

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Lee Ann Lam

To Supreme Officers, Chairmen, Past Supreme Presidents, District – Grand – Auxiliary Officers, Auxiliary members not in a Grand and most of all Auxiliary Members:

What a year it has been.  So hard to believe July is here.  I am hoping everyone has gotten their elections completed and installations done.  Remember to send your installation reports to the Supreme Treasurer for distribution, and that your Delegates are elected and ready for the Supreme Convention.

Speaking of Supreme Convention, I am so excited to arrive in New Orleans!  Also, I’m excited to see you all again and hopefully get to visit with you!  Let’s have a great time!  I want to Thank You for your kindness to myself and the Representatives during their visits to the Grand Conventions.  We have started doing “After Action Reports,” which helps the Officers to discuss what they saw and possibly use the changes they might want in their year.  Also to help us to try and make improvements in the By-Laws.

I also want to thank the Supreme MOC Organization for their kindness and respect to me, and their willingness to work with the MOCA.  It’s been an honor to work with everyone.

I am very sorry for those who have been ill and we have had members who have lost their spouses and family members.  Our heart goes out to them.

Wishing you all the very best and Safe travels.

Thank you

God Bless you all,

Lee Ann Lam Signature

Lee Ann Lam
Supreme President 2016-17



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