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Welcome to the MOC Auxiliary

Supreme President’s Monthly Update


Auxiliary Members,

Hello again, well it’s definitely summer the temperatures are in the 90’s and above. Hopefully ya’ll are staying calm, cool and patient. Gotcha! You thought I was going to say collected! Its been a tremendous year and no matter how hard you try, just one more thing comes up you don’t know. Ever have that happen? I learn new things every day.

What does one say in these last weeks of their year? Except, “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart for a successful year. One full of hard work from all in our Programs and in our Hospitals; keeping true to our motto “Keep Them Smiling in Beds of White.” This you have done! And even more the love and care you provide our veterans in nursing homes and hospitals is gratifying for all. I have enjoyed representing you at the 20 plus events I have attended.

Summer is in full swing and the last Grand convention has been held. Rest, relax and get ready for Kansas City. I hope to see the biggest turn-out ever. Now, just some notes to pass along. The Hospital visit I have not had confirmation on, but I am asking for each Grand to send at least 1 lap-robe for the 125 patients. I have asked the Grand of Missouri Auxiliary to find me apples and oranges to put in a bag and I have cookies, crackers, crossword and fill-in puzzles to add. Bags will be assembled Tuesday night after the Patriotic Rally, place to be determined. I believe on Tuesday or Wednesday I will be presenting a check to National President Dee for her Special Project. Now, as to some tidbits for Convention at the Joint meeting, I plan to present our SPSP funds to Matt Littrell. The drawing for flag will also be done same night.

I am told we will have some entertainment at the Banquet. It’s been a great year and now time to see the rewards for your hard work. I am so looking forward to Kansas City! Just like the song says, “Kansas City here I come.”

I do have couple of requests though, and they are not meant to be mean. When the Supreme President sends a Representative to your Grand remember they are not familiar with your area and they are to be afforded the same respect and courtesy shown to a Supreme President. I have had issues where some were told, “Learn to pay for your transportation, banquet and other items connected to the visit.” No, it’s not true that any Representative should have earned the money in the chairs as a Representative. Supreme is paying for them to be there and they are restricted somewhat on costs. They should be picked up at the airport or what ever commercial mode of transportation they had to use and afforded an itinerary and a page to escort them.

Districts, Grand and Auxiliaries make sure your registrations are in for Convention; so you have your program book to work from this year. Some of my chairmen are saying the forms being received are from 2-3 years ago or even older. Then, Auxiliaries want to know why they were disqualified. It is because the program changed, and qualifications were not met. Other than that, it’s time to bid you all adieu and say See YA at Convention. For those who won’t get to come I have enjoyed this year attending all events and Conventions where I got to meet so many of you.

The Cootie Courier message probably says it all, but again “Thank You” for making this a dream come true year! It’s like Elvis says, “Follow Your Dream.” I did, and I’m content with the year. Sure, there have been up’s and down’s but that’s just life. Remember trivia.

Penny Sue Cacoulidis
Supreme President 2017-18


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