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Supreme President’s Monthly Update


Supreme Presidents Message
April 2018

Hello to all our Members!

I’ve tried doing something different by putting my message at the end of month.  It has been a very fun month and a little tiring with 4 trips completed to Minnesota, Virginia, Wisconsin, Missouri, and leaving in the morning for Washington and Alaska.  Lots of information to put out, so we are ready for Convention.  By now all new officers should be installed.  We had a couple late ones, but in doing so we saved 2 Auxiliaries and got new members in addition. Yeah!  THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart for all the good work you are doing; especially for our Veterans with PTSD which my special project deals with.  READY?  We are over $12,000.00 to date.  We can always add more, so keep it up and for National Home 4-H kids and their animal barns.

Supreme Districts please remember you are a “School of Instruction” for all our programs vs: operating like a Grand or local Auxiliary.  Members, just a housekeeping note:  Once a vote has been announced, even though not closed, it cannot be redone for any reason.

Just a small thought…being an Officer at any level in our organization is one of time and commitment. It is not an inexpensive trip either.  There are many items to be considered which do not come out of the Supreme budget.  You will need to ready to travel and often miss events in your own Grand or Department.  Just a tidbit.  Hum…I saw a mystical critter in my travels this past month. “Wonder what it was and Where?”

The Supreme Convention will be held in Kansas City, Missouri July 26 -29, 2018.  Reservations may be made at the Marriott Hotel, 10800 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66210.  Reservations can be made by calling 800-228-9290.  Be sure to identify your affiliation with the Military Order of the Cootie to receive the discounted rate.  The link on the Supreme MOC may offer additional information regarding the Supreme Convention.  Please remember to complete the advance Registration and Credential forms sent with last month’s General Orders.

Reminder:  All Auxiliaries, whether attending Supreme or not, you need to have the Supreme Program Book so that you can view the changes in this year’s programs.  Also, each President needs a current Bylaws/Ritual to know the rules and Regulation of our Organization.  The current year’s forms must be used, as many were changed at the beginning of this year.  When in doubt go to and click on the Auxiliary emblem and go to forms tab.

Final Checklists: Audits, required donations in, Chairman’s reports sent to Supreme and/or Grand Chairmen?  Are supporting documents attached.  Presidents is your resume attached and not just a running list of where you went.  Any Candidates you need to make your intent known now!


Penny Sue Cacoulidis
Supreme President 2017-18

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