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Supreme President’s Monthly Update

Supreme President

Supreme Presidents Message
February 2018

I have a heartfelt request!  Please have a moment of silence for those children, educators, and families of those in the Parkland School Massacre!   No parent should ever have to lose their child or family members in such a horrific way.

Belated “Happy Valentine’s” to all!  Hopefully all had a great day with your loved ones.  I know we spent a quiet day together.  I returned from representing the MOCA at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Mid-Winter Council Meeting in Nashville.  It was great to see so many of our members attending.  Our Supreme Historian was doing her job.  She had members of her Grand taking lots of pictures.  

Our membership has increased.  We now have 3745 paid members, giving us 81.89%.  We have got “lots of work ahead.”  There are several Auxiliaries who have not paid their 2018 dues.   You only have until the end of April to get dues in.  ALL officers must have been paid before 31 December each year or you become a member “Not in Good Standing.”  Your VFWA dues must be paid before MOCA dues can be paid.  As of the end of February, the following Auxiliaries will be suspended for failure to either have sufficient membership (10) or have any paid members: FL # 2 Missile Bugs; # 92 Crystal Bugs; IL # 37 Bellyachers; LA #19 Crawdads (defunct)??; NB # 4 Chuck Hole and # 7 Wild Bill Cody; NV # 3 Big Gamble, # 5 Duces Wild; NM # 14 Mt Kia-Mia, # 19 Itchin n Bitchin;  OH # 71 Vin Bloom, # 86 Vin Corry; PA # 13 Slate Belt; WA # 3 Yurabum (defunct)??;   Sisters and Brothers per our Bylaws there are steps to follow to become defunct and/or relinquish your charter.  The Bylaws are not being followed.  Those who are submitting applications for new Auxiliaries and Charters, a copy of the request needs to sent to the Supreme President and Chief of Staff.

Personally, I would like to attend as many institutions of new auxiliaries as I can.  I am missing Convention Representative requests from the following Grands:  Minnesota, Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon, and Supreme Districts 6, 8,12 14.

All Audits must be must be completed prior to your meeting; not after your District and Grand Council/Conventions.  If the Audit is not presented at the meeting, then your meeting should be halted until Audit completed before resuming.

Nominations for officers should be started this month to ensure Election of Officers and Installation is complete by 31 March 2018.  Exceptions must be in writing to Supreme with justification for approval.  I will respond immediately.  Be sure your newly elected officer’s dues are paid!  We have 2 new Auxiliaries instituting in Michigan and Mississippi this month.  Chairmen and District Hospital Commissioners be sure submit your receipts for your expenses!

I have received one (1) Intent to run for Supreme Guard from Billie Cassidy in Tennessee.  If there are others, please let me know!

Thanks too for all the funds being sent in for my Special Projects the 4 -H Barns and the Valhalla Ranch (PTSD), keep the funds coming.

Penny Sue Cacoulidis
Supreme President 2017-18

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