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Lee Ann Lam

MOCA Supreme President’s Message #3
January 2016-17

Hello and Happy New Year to all Auxiliary members,

Welcome to a New Year and hopefully new beginnings in some of our newest Auxiliaries.
We welcome you! 

It’s also a chance to take a look at what hasn’t been working well and an opportunity to improve the situations. 

Treasurers – Please pay your dues.  As a reminder the Supreme Per-Capita increased to $7.  For those Auxiliary (Local, Grand & District) members, REMEMBER, if you haven’t paid your 2017 dues, you are no longer a member in good standing and are no longer eligible to hold an office.  Please contact the Supreme Treasurer if you have any questions.  I will be working on the Suspension Letters for those Auxiliaries that are not at the minimum number of 10 members per Supreme By-Laws.

Please continue to work on membership.  It’s really needed.  Without growth there’s decline.  Go out and recruit.  Present a positive attitude, tell them about all the good things the MOCA members do and how helping the veteran can help them to stay alive or help their families out with bills or food.

Please stay in communication with your Grand Commanders and Seam Squirrels.  I have been hearing rumblings and I think the words are “We must work together not apart.”  No Commanders or Seam Squirrels can be where or who they are without the hard-working Auxiliaries.

2017 Supreme Convention and hotel information are posted.  Please check the website under “EVENTS”.

I Thank You for all your support and I know the work is not done yet.  But keep it up!

I hope to see you in my upcoming travels.


God Bless you all,


Lee Ann Lam Signature

Lee Ann Lam
Supreme President 2016-17



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