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Military Order of the Cootie Casual Wear


2103 Long Cootie Tie
Quality Satin Necktie with full-color Bug embroidered right on
the tie creates a sharp appearance for more formal events.



2201H Bolo Tie, With Horshoe Emblem
Red String, looks great with any uniform item.



2211 Red Clip-on Medallion Style Tie



9500 Red Cootie Suspenders
Suspenders even a fireman would love! These solid red
suspenders complement any pair of trousers, boxers,
anything that needs held up. Better than spending money
on a smaller pair of pants. Cheaper too!



9800 Belt Buckle - Honor Degree Pewter



9801 Gold Belt Buckle w/Red Bug



9920 Luggage tags

Set of 3 for $7.00  

9921 Luggage tags

Set of 6 for $10.00 


9970 Red Crew Socks, Thick



9971 Red Crew Socks, Thin


9973 Designer Socks

9973 Custom Designed Socks, Soccer style knee high socks that display a cootie on the front of the leg and spells out Cootie down the calf of your leg.  Can be ordered in sizes:  Large or Extra-large.


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