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Our Favorite Slogans:

"Keep 'em Smilin' in
Beds of White"

"Closer than a Brother,
Busier than a Bee"

"Increase and Multiply"

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"Honor, Loyalty,
Perserverance and Industry"

"The Honor Degree
of the VFW"

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Listen Cooties,

I have just finished my last visit before our Supreme Convention. During this last trip I had the honor of installing the Grand of Iowa back into our seams. Additionally, during the same weekend Past Supreme Commander Charles Short instituted another Pup Tent in Massachusetts, paving the way for another Grand. All I can render is what a way to finish visiting Cooties and MOCA than by keeping with our motto "Increase and Multiply".

I want to thank everyone for what you have committed to this year. "Doing BIG things for Veterans" seemed to fit what we do when I came up with this, and believe me both MOC and MOCA lived up to it! This year along with my Supreme President, Linda Campbell, we have fulfilled this honored commitment.  As I have always said NO ONE, BUT NO ONE DOES THIS BETTER THAN US!

As I speak of our commitment please don't stop. Just because we are heading into our Supreme Scratch and Convention, this obligation is our to uphold.  Our leadership changes yearly, however our obligation is never ending. So let's give our newly elected Supreme and Grand Officers, Pup Tent Seam Squirrels and Presidents the same support and commitment as we have before. I know I will.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our Supreme Scratch and MOCA Convention. I invite all Cooties and MOCA  that wish to be part of the  Tuesday Patriotic Parade (July 22 lineup at 5:30 in front of where the VFW Convention will be held) to join us if you like to be part of our pediculi. Just wear your Cootie Hat, black pants, cootie shirt or cootie attire. As in years past, I will be in front speaking at the VFW National Convention on Tuesday, so be there to Boo me on!

As this will be my last posting here, I will finish with this; Keep them smiling in beds of white, remember and support our children at our National Home, Increase and Multiply and most of all...........


Supreme Commander

Yours in L.O.T.C.S.,

Mark Newman

Supreme Commander
Doing BIG things for Veterans

Doing Something Big for Veterans