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Listen Up Cooties,

We are off to a great year. So far the 2 C of A’s we have had were fun and also got the work done. I thank all of you that came to these for the input and discussion. While we all may not agree on everything we can agree to disagree. I attempted to put some fun into the Tomb Trek meeting with the $1 for showing up and the $1 a minute past 11:00. This was all done for the payment of the hospital buses in Pittsburg.

I am just a little disappointed in the fact the Supreme HQ has only received a few Supreme Rep requests but also understand that maybe dates have not been set yet. The bottom line is you as Grand Commanders need to send those in as soon as you can so we can start looking at who would like. Also very few Grand Commanders have sent in the 9 Supreme appointments they are allowed (look in the Program Book).

I have been on the road a lot so far this year and can tell you I have enjoyed every minute of it. Now it’s on to the National Home Christmas Party – NO MEETINGS OF THE MOC!!!! Cooties you all have worked hard this year and we deserve a break so please enjoy the holidays with your families and friends and remember if the VFW Post needs some help – be there if you can, we are VFW first and need to show them that.

I am looking forward to being at the National Home for the children. This ranks as #2 in meaning only to Tomb Trek being my #1. I really think if you can talk some of your Cooties into attending one of these or both they would return year after year, after all isn’t this what we are all about?

Lastly, Grand Commanders please do all you can do to complete programs. Hospital needs some work.  Do the visits BUT remember to report it. Special Projects could use some more help, and remember Special Projects is just that. The Cootie Monument is a Special Project for the National Home. I know it isn’t directly for the children but it does promote the fact we are the mainstay of the home. Over the years I have talked to several of the children who actually go look at it so the motion to help finish it was in my mind a great thing to do. Of course there will be a bidding process so this won’t happen overnight.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and if you don’t make the National Home have a Merry Christmas and any other holiday you celebrate.

Supreme Commander Dave Wimmer

Yours in LOTCS,

Dave Wimmer
Supreme Commander 2014-2015