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Listen Up Cooties,

Here is an update on the health of yours truly! Monday April 27th was my last chemo treatment and on April 30th I will receive my last radiation treatment.
It has been a long road and I still have miles to go but as of today (April 28th) the Doctor said the tests and results looked good but we won’t know until around 29 or 30 May if it worked. I am really fighting hard to be your Supreme Commander and this is just a little road bump. The 28 radiation treatments so far have taken a toll and the chemo added to that but I am not giving up and never will.
Thanks to Gary and Gordon for keeping the communications line going. I said when I took over there would be no secrets and you would know what we know.
Along those lines, I want everyone to know I am getting better day by day and remain your Commander until Charles takes over in July. I am planning on being on the road in May to Arizona for their convention but not sure if I will drive or fly. Then, off to the POW/WOW and then to Pittsburg.
Be ready for almost anything in Pittsburg, you know me by now --- fines and phun that’s what we do. To everyone thanks for the support during this really difficult time.

Supreme Commander Dave Wimmer

Yours in LOTCS,

Dave Wimmer
YOUR Supreme Commander