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Well Cooties,

Here we are mid-way through January.  Boy does time fly!  Since the last Courier I have been to Tomb Trek and the VFW National Home for Children for their Christmas party.  What a thrill both were.  Tomb Trek is always a very emotional trip and one of comradeship and PHUN; but of course the serious side of laying wreaths to honor those who rest in Arlington.  Then, to watch the children of the National Home get so excited to see Santa.  In January I am off to the Grand of Illinois.  Then, back for the New Mexico Mid-winter and then my VFW District Meeting.  Just so you know, I am also the VFW State Inspector; District 3 QM/ADJ; Pup Tent Sky Pilot and oh yeah Supreme Commander.  My plate is full. But, as I have told you several times, we are VFW first and need to be involved in their work as well.  I have seen that when some VFW members see we are also VFW officers they tend to think harder about becoming a Cootie.
As far as Supreme is going, we are holding our own but really need to start pushing hard on membership and hospital.  I can’t understand why some Grands are still very low in hospital since that is our main mission.  I feel it is being done and not reported.  To those 100% or better in Hospital thanks.  Cooties let’s try to hit 100% in all Supreme Programs this year and show the National VFW we mean business!  It would give a thrill to be able to brief the National Convention the MOC has hit 100% in all programs this year!  PLEASE understand this isn’t for me or about me, it’s for the organization.  It’s always PHUN to brag about how well we are doing….

In the last few months we have run across some “speed bumps.”  But, being that we are cooties, we just drove over them and pressed on.

Many thanks to our new Adjutant Gordon Lam.  His timely sending of communications and dedication has made Supreme start looking even better.  If you remember when I was elected, one of my goals was to improve communications and I feel we are there.
Along those lines none of us can thank Jason enough for what he did for Supreme and all the Cooties.  Now Jason has a chance to enhance his VA career and I speak for all of us wishing him success – I told Jason it won’t be long before he is the VA Director!

For those Grand Commanders that sent in Supreme Rep requests thank you so much and to those who haven’t please do.  Supreme HQ needs to start preparing the sheet of who wants who so the officers requested have time to make their decisions. Also Supreme has received very few requests for the appointments you are allowed in the Program Book.  Commanders please try to get these done so cooties can proudly wear their tassels for a longer period of time.

Janis and I hope you all had a great holiday and look forward to a great New Year!

Supreme Commander Dave Wimmer

Yours in LOTCS,

Dave Wimmer
Supreme Commander 2014-2015